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Watch the WHOLE video and ask yourself… How long do I wait to read a text message? Quicker than an email? If my business was always generally slow on a Friday would an instant offer that had to be used on Fridays improve my business? What if my customers could just text a code to a phone number and get an instant coupon for next time? Would they feel special if ONLY these customers received offers as part of a ‘VIP’ list? We have a custom built system that we use; or for a fee, you may use it yourself. Give it some thought, then give us a ring! 

To see the power of SMS Marketing try our example below!

Try our text message marketing system below.
Either fill in the form (no front zero or spaces, 7572526585 for example)


Using your mobile, txt the word site1 to our testing number 01787 852030

For your promotion service you are allowed to use ANY word/number combination.

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