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Watch the WHOLE video and you will soon realise that FACEBOOK is a MASSIVE marketplace.
Full of potential customers.
We know how to create, develop and deploy a successful Facebook page that will turn lookers into buyers.
LocalPromoter offer ‘stealth’ tactics that can follow and ‘re-advertise’ to browsers to your site or page known as ‘retargeting’.
Your fanpage can be utilised to advertise special offers and we know the best places to show yourself.
Localpromoter Social Promotion can range from general advice to a monthly administration, handling all the aspects of social marketing.

Places like Facebook are FULL of potential customers. To let us get them for you, click the ‘Contact Us’ button!

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  • Facebook FanPage Creation/Re-DesignWe will either create your Facebook account or re-design and optimise your present one.
  • Daily PostingDaily Posts added that are relevant to your business and customers needs.
  • Friend/Like PromotionIncrease promotion with social sharing and recommendations.
  • Group PromotionPromote your business to relevant groups for networking purposes.
  • Viral PromotionSpread your business brand quickly and create awareness.
  • RetargetingThis is a secret strategy of being able to 'follow' your previous website or page visitors with relevant ads or messages.

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£129/ month

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£179/ month